TRAC Precision sees every project to completion no matter how big or small.  Being able to complete most projects completely in house accelerates timelines and ensures the work is done right the first time. 



Water jet cutting is extremely versatile, The only material I can not cut is paper. We have cut, Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Porcelain, Plastic, Glass, Wood, carbon fiber, fiber glass and heavily corrugated card board. TRAC can also cut pipes and tubing not just flat stock.

Full Service

TRAC can be a source for providing rough parts that will then move into a secondary process such as machining, when TRAC cuts blanks that are then to be machined the machining process is much faster and cheaper do to the accuracy of the water jet. Multiple run parts of thousand part orders manufacturing companies is a standard request for TRAC.

TRAC can also provide full service for a “Turn Key” part. TRAC has created completely custom parts for customers looking for that one off parts and design that know one else has.

Delivering finished parts and/or shipping them is part of seeing work to completion.


TRAC can finish your completed project in house. We have a sheet metal break, MIG and TIG welding we can tap threads into parts, we can apply finishes to arts.

TRAC has a large network of other local business that TRAC will utilize to offer a completed part.